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This product is for small and medium organizations to manage their operations efficiently. It manages almost all departments of an organization including HR, Inventory and Assets, Accounts and Finance, Training, Sales and Communications etc.

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Project Info

ISLO OMS (Office Management System)

ISLO OMS is office management system for all type of offices to manage/automate their operations. ISLO GMS have Attendance Management, HR Management, Payroll Management, Accounts and Finance Management, Inventory Management, Assets Management, Sales, Communications and Training. It is flexible and can be fit in any organization. This is best for private as well as Government organizations. We provide managed services as SAAS.

Main Modules

ISLO Office Management System is developed in Asp.Net MVC technology using latest frameworks. It is responsive and have strong security features including encryption in inter modules communication. ISLO OMS is role based means you can assign the role in the system according to the job of the user. It is modules based means you can use all modules or specific modules according to your requirements. SQL Server data base is used and this system is trusted from both private sector as well as government sector organizations.

Attendance Management

Can manages attendance manually or by using bio-metric/RFID/facial recognition machines.

Accounts & Finance Management

Manages Accounts and Finance with 5 levels of Chart of Account

Sales Management

Its a CRM to manages your leads, generating quotations etc.

HR Management

Manages HR including recruitment, profiling, training record, visits record, etc.

Inventory Management

Manages Inventory in and out of an organizational store.

Communications Management

Manages communication with employees or clients through text messages or emails in bulk

Payroll Management

Manages Payroll of the employees including salary slips, bank salary letters etc.

Assets Management

Manages Assets of an organization with proper tagging and tracking system.

Training Management

Online Platform to manage and deliver training with certificate and assessment.

Fully Managed Services

Client can start using ISLO OMS in days as we provide fully managed services means you have to purchase the licenses and our team is there for 24/7 support in case of bugs and errors. Three point of contacts on backup basis to support during office timings and technical team for proper backups etc. Labeling of the organization and then training both online and onsite for the rapid successful adoption of the system.